Here for Life is a social movement for nurses and midwives to show us what they do. Not just what we might expect, but the genuine diversity of roles and people within the professions. Nurses and midwives have a huge impact on us as individuals and on society as a whole; in so many ways they are here for life itself – at every stage.

Here for Life is a campaign delivered in partnership with the Chief Nursing
Officers of the UK and Ireland and the RCN Foundation.

Jaki is a midwife. A former government advisor,
innovator, collaborator and champion
for choice. She keeps remote and
rural Scotland ahead of the curve

Owen is a nurse. A professor,
an educator, a strategist, and a force
for change. With patience and precision,
he influences practice to improve

Esther is a nurse. An advocate, an
expert, a provider of long-term care. She
has a holistic approach, looking after
the whole person in their own home.

Shauna is a nurse. A leader,
a communicator, a clinical expert
and a coordinator of care. She brings
strength and positivity to even the
darkest times.

Mauro is a Nurse. A Manager, a carer, an
innovator and a businessman. He
approaches everyone as an individual
and leads with positivity and optimism.

Julia is a nurse. A researcher, an
educator, a listener and a driver of
health equality. She champions access
to mental health support for all.

Asha is a nurse. A community support,
a positive force and a provider of care
at all stages of life. She makes health
experiences just that little bit better.

Listen to our podcast series to hear
more from Jaki, Owen, Esther, Shauna,
Mauro, Julia and Asha about their
experiences and perspectives of
working in nursing and midwifery. 

If you are a nurse or midwife
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If you are another healthcare professional or member of the general public

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Please also share this site on your social channels to help spread the word

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